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I need to cancel my magazine subscription, but I don't know how. Do I call the magazine? Can I just file a chargeback?
Posted by jwrighte
Asked on June 27, 2016 7:19 pm

There are several options for cancelling a magazine subscription—some are easier than others!

Do I call the magazine?
Check your customer agreement for specific information about your account. Most magazines have instructions for cancelling subscriptions on their website. Using your account number (typically located on your mailing label), you can log into your account and make changes to your account, including cancelling your subscription. Depending on how long you’ve had the subscription and the magazine’s cancellation policies, you may (or may not) be eligible for a refund.

What if I got my subscription through Amazon (or another third party vendor)?
To cancel a subscription placed through a third party vendor, you need to contact the company that you ordered the magazines with. For example, to cancel a subscription on Amazon, you need to log onto your Amazon account and navigate to ‘Magazine Subscription Manager’. Select the magazine you wish to cancel and click ‘Cancel Subscription’. On-screen prompts will walk you through the process. Check your order agreement to find out how to handle your specific 3rd party vendor cancellation.

Can I just file a chargeback?
It may seem faster to simply file a chargeback with your bank to cancel your subscription, but there can be serious repercussions for using this method.

First, the merchant may dispute the chargeback by offering evidence that you signed up for the magazine and accepted the subscription terms—which means it could take weeks to resolve the matter.

Second, chargebacks are designed to protect consumers in the event of fraud. Using them out of convenience may result in your bank account being closed for filing a false chargeback.

Isn’t there an easier way?
eConsumer Services® offers consumers a painless, quick solution to cancelling magazine subscriptions. We can help you cancel your subscription and secure a refund. Don’t leave your cancellation to chance. Fill out a claim form and see how fast (and easy) it is!

Posted by jwrighte
Answered On June 27, 2016 7:34 pm