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What's the quickest way to get a refund for something I bought with my American Express card? I went on a spending spree over the weekend and am suffering from a bit of buyer’s remorse. What should I do?
Posted by jwrighte
Asked on August 9, 2016 1:29 pm

There are lots of reasons you may need to return a purchase: The item doesn’t fit. The person you bought it for doesn’t like it. Once you got your purchase home, you realized it didn’t meet your needs. Whatever the reason, you have an item you no longer want, and you would like to get your money back. You don’t want it to take weeks or months – what is the fastest way to secure your refund?

1. Check the merchant’s return policy. Most merchants have a clearly outlined return policy which can often be found on your receipt or the company’s website. Check the return policy to determine if your purchase is eligible for return. Verify the merchant’s process to ensure that you are meeting the requirements.
2. Contact the merchant. The majority of merchants want their customers to be satisfied with their purchases. They will generally work with you to ensure that you are happy with the service you’ve received
3. Contact ECS. We offer a fast, simple process to expedite returns—just fill out a claims form. We negotiate with merchant and secure a refund, with no hassle to you.

You may have heard that filing a chargeback is an easy way to get your money back. It may seem like a good idea, but filing a chargeback can actually backfire.

American Express may determine that you inappropriately filed the chargeback and close your account. Merchants who receive an excessive number of chargebacks will be forced to raise their prices or even go out of business.

Chargebacks are a last resort option for getting your money back and should only be used in cases of genuine fraud (either the merchant is acting unethically or a criminal made an unauthorized purchase). Not only can filing a chargeback cause additional problems, there is no guarantee that you’ll get your money back.

If you need to return an AmEx purchase, contact ECS to find out how our claim process can expedite your refund.

Posted by jwrighte
Answered On August 9, 2016 4:26 pm