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Some friends of mine were talking about how they get ‘free pizza’ by filing a chargeback with their bank. Free food is always a good idea, so what should I do to make the chargeback process work for me?
Posted by jwrighte
Asked on July 6, 2016 1:29 pm

Free food IS great, but what you are suggesting—filing a chargeback to essentially cancel the credit card charge—isn’t free at all. You could end up paying way more than you bargained for.

Filing a false chargeback claim is stealing; it’s a form of shoplifting or dining and dashing. Just like shoplifting, there can be serious consequences that have a lasting effect on your life.

What can happen as a result of filing false chargebacks?
  • You lose your credit card. If the bank suspects you are filing false chargeback claims, your account might be closed.
  • Your credit score drops. If your credit card is revoked, your credit score will take a hit.
  • You’ll pay more. You may be required to pay administrative fees to cover the cost of filing the chargeback.
  • No more pizza. All it takes is one false chargeback claim and you could be blacklisted for life. Businesses have every right to refuse service to a known fraudster.
  • You could land in legal hot water. Cardholders may feel as though filing a chargeback is a victimless crime, but everyone is affected by this illegitimate consumer behavior. To combat the theft, merchants and banks are using their collective influence to put pressure on police to pursue legal action. Banks, police and pizza restaurants are aware of the processes used to abuse the current system and are on the lookout for fraudulent claims.
  • You could go to court. The business owner could take you to small claims court to recover what’s owed.

If there really was a problem with your order…

If there was something genuinely wrong with your last pizza order, filing a chargeback still isn’t the best option. Contact the pizza restaurant, and tell them about the problem. They’ll likely work hard to make the situation right.

Avoid filing a chargeback unless it is absolutely necessary. Your legitimate claim may be lumped in with the other, illegitimate claims and you may still suffer some of the same consequences.

Instead of rushing to file a chargeback, contact eConsumer Services®. We’ll contact the merchant on your behalf and secure a refund. The process is simple; just fill out a claim form. Usually within 24 hours, the money will be back in your account.

If you’re looking for free food, head over to your mom’s for dinner. If you’re lucky, she’ll even pack up the leftovers for you to take home.

Posted by jwrighte
Answered On July 6, 2016 1:30 pm