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Can Biometrics Actually Replace PINs and Passwords?

Will Consumers Soon Use a Fingerprint—Rather than a PIN—to Complete Transactions? You might not be aware of this, but entering PINs and passwords is not actually the most secure method of identity verification. That’s why many banks and fintech companies are exploring alternate security technology, most notably, biometrics.

Rental Car Fraud & Other Conveniences Can Be a Rip Off

Rental Car Fraud, Scams & Add-Ons Can Turn a Dream Vacation into a Nightmare Today’s savvy consumer is leery of scams and situations which may result in fraud, and for good reason. According to experts, scam artists and fraudsters victimize millions of consumers each year, and if you’re not careful, you could easily be next!

What if a Business I Bought from Goes Bankrupt?

How to Get a Refund from a Bankrupt Business Have you made a purchase recently from an online business, only to find that the business suddenly went bankrupt? Now it looks like you’re out the money, and you’re not going to get the product or service you paid for. It’s a frightening prospect, but it […]

CEO Gary Cardone Featured in ‘Home Business’ Magazine

Cardone Addresses the Need for Greater Financial Literacy Among Consumers eConsumer Services® CEO Gary Cardone recently lent his insight and decades of business experience to a guest column for Home Business Magazine, the publication for aspiring entrepreneurs. In his August 23, 2016 piece, Cardone cited a disturbing new statistic from the FINRA Investor Education Foundation: […]

Gift Card Fraud: The Latest Consumer Fraud Threat

Impostors Use Deceptive Claims to Swindle Consumers Every day, criminals find new ways to scam people out of their money. For example, one of the latest-developing attack methods relies on convincing cardholders to buy gift cards, then turn the gift card number over to the fraudster. Why would people do this? Because the fraudster convinces […]

Is There a Minimum Amount for Cashback Rewards?

Your Cashback Minimum Depends on the Conditions of Your Specific Card If you hold a credit card, there is a decent chance that there is some form of rebate or rewards program attached to that card. Issuers including Bank of America, Chase, Discover, Capital One and American Express, just to name a few, typically offer […]

Chargebacks on a Credit Card Affect Businesses and Customers

Chargebacks on Credit Card Purchases Cost Billions Annually in Lost Revenue Although you may not have ever heard the term “chargeback,” you might be familiar with the concept. A chargeback is essentially a refund performed at the bank level. After completing a transaction, a dissatisfied cardholder’s bank forcibly withdraws money from a seller’s account and […]