eConsumer Services® Provides New Services to a Larger Audience

ECS Teams Up with Consumer Action to Help Educate the Public

eConsumer Services® is proud to introduce their new nonprofit partner, Consumer Action.

As announced in an August 8, 2016 press release, eConsumer Services® will be teaming up with this valued organization to encourage broader public financial literacy.

eConsumer Services® is the latest organization to partner with Consumer Action and is pleased to serve alongside such distinguished brands as Bank of America, Capital One, and Visa.

What is Consumer Action?

Founded back in 1971 in San Francisco, Consumer Action identifies themselves as “champions of underrepresented consumers nationwide.”

Consumer Action is a 501(c)(3) organization that works to help empower low- and moderate-income consumers, as well as consumers with limited English-speaking ability. The goal of the organization is to equip these individuals with the necessary tools for financial prosperity, while also advocating for greater consumer protections.

Why are ECS and Consumer Action Working Together?

At its core, the primary goal of eConsumer Services® is to optimize relations between consumers and businesses. The company wants to ensure a safe and equitable online experience for everyone involved.

Consumer Action has a similar purpose. The organization maintains an extensive knowledge base that helps facilitate informed financial decisions and ultimately enables individuals to assert their rights as consumers.

This new partnership will enable the dissemination of valuable information and services to an audience of individuals who are especially in need of financial education. eConsumer Services® will provide a suite of materials to Consumer Action for the purpose of expanding the organization’s body of financial literacy tools.

ECS will work with Consumer Actions’ network of almost 7,000 different community-based consumer advocacy organizations to distribute reading materials and other resources to consumers.

This is all targeted at the simple goal of educating consumers about responsible shopping principles and cardholder security behaviors. As Consumer Action executive director Ken McEldowney explains:

“Educating consumers on how to protect their personal and payment information, vet online merchants and resolve any issues that might arise enables them to benefit from the opportunities and advantages the internet offers while reducing the potential for dissatisfaction or disputes.”

eConsumer Services® is Ready to Help

Working together, both organizations can better achieve their stated mission of helping support consumers.

Boosting the overall financial literacy of the public creates widespread benefits for all of society. Not surprisingly, more informed consumers tend to make wiser and more conscientious financial decisions, which helps boost overall economic performance.

“We want to help further the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s (CFPB) mission to provide information, advice and training materials that help consumers navigate the new economy and achieve financial prosperity,” explains eConsmerServices CEO Gary Cardone. “Our partnership with Consumer Action will help advance that end goal.”