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I paid for a full year subscription with a monthly fan box service about three months ago, but I just heard they went out of business. Can I get my money back, or am I just S.O.L?
Posted by jwrighte
Asked on August 29, 2017 12:42 pm

Don’t worry—there are still plenty of ways to recover your funds.

Subscription services base their business model on delivering a product or service on a regular basis in exchange for a recurring fee. It’s not unheard-of for these services to go out of business, so there is an established protocol for how to address the matter.

Step 1: Use the Seller’s Contact Information

You should reach out to the business via their listed customer service channels before anything else. Check their website for customer service contact information including an email address or phone number; it’s standard practice to list this information. It’s best to work through the merchant’s prescribed channels if possible, as this will be the fastest way to resolve any customer service issue.

Step 2: Try Additional Channels

If you can’t get through via those channels, the next step should be to reach out through social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter as alternate lines of communication. Use a direct message first, rather than posting publicly. After all, the seller is already going through a difficult time, so no need to publicly shame them.

Step 3: Contact Us

You might be tempted to file a chargeback if you’re unable to get a response from the seller via any of these channels. Keep in mind, though: the chargeback dispute process can take months of back-and-forth judgements between, merchants, banks, and card schemes. You’ll be much more likely to enjoy a positive judgement if you turn the matter over to eConsumer Services. We work with banks and sellers to recover consumers’ funds and achieve a fast resolution to disputes.

Good luck!

Posted by jwrighte
Answered On August 29, 2017 12:44 pm