Why Should I Use Your Services?

At a first glance, you may wonder why our services are necessary. Can’t consumers resolve transaction disputes on their own?

We encourage consumers to take a hands-on approach to transaction disputes and approach the merchant themselves when possible. However, it is sometimes impossible for the consumer to advocate for their rights.

Whether the return process is too laborious, the policies difficult to interpret, the contact information impossible to find, the merchant is unresponsive, or the red-tape too time consuming, we can help.

What Other Options Do I Have?

Letting eConsumer Services® handle your transaction disputes isn’t the only option you have available. However, we think you’ll agree it is by far the quickest and most efficient route.

DIY Dispute Resolution

Sometimes, online merchants make the return process quite easy. Other times, you’ll have to navigate a labyrinth of policies and procedures. You might come across a merchant who simply refuses to acknowledge your attempts to communicate or address your complaints. You may even find it is impossible to contact the merchant!

On average, a consumer will spend 53 minutes over the course of 4 days to complete the refund process.

eConsumer Services® cuts through the negotiation nightmare and communicates directly with the merchant to facilitate results in your favor.


With any credit card transaction, the cardholder always has the option to file a chargeback. Maybe people opt for this course of action because it seems the easiest and most successful. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case at all.

When consumers instigate a chargeback, they’ll have to endure a very lengthy phone call and an arduous, tedious online submission form that involves a significant amount of data. Then, their funds will be in limbo for at least 60 days. The credit card company may issue a temporary refund; but if the merchant is successful at disputing your claim, the funds will be charged to your account again. Not only is the process quite lengthy, it doesn’t necessarily yield successful results.

For the quickest results possible, file a claim with eConsumer Services®. We are the only transaction dispute practice that guarantees consumer satisfaction.