Have an Existing Claim?
Let’s get this sorted.

If you aren’t satisfied with a purchase you made, we’ll help you get your money back.
We are the liaison between you and the seller. We’ll come to your rescue when you want to:

Return Products

Return an unwanted product you purchased in order to get an exchange, credit, or refund.

Cancel Services

Immediately cancel services for recurring payment card transactions (like subscriptions).

Resolve Disputes

Resolve transaction disputes that arise as a result of clerical errors or other technicalities.

Customer Centric Dispute Management

Dispute management is essential in managing the operations of a business. However, it is very time consuming to do it right. Your customers will appreciate the prompt attention we provide them.

With our 24/7/365 guarantee, your customers will receive superior consumer support and instant transaction dispute resolution. We resolve cardholder disputes with minimal resources and enable you to significantly reduce operation expenses. Contact us today if you are interested in offering eConsumer Services® support to your customers.