When to File a Chargeback

The Difference Between a Refund and a Chargeback

Many consumers have learned there is a quick and easy way to get a refund for a credit card purchase. Rather than contact the merchant directly, many consumers choose to dispute the transaction with the bank.

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eConsumer Services® CEO Gary Cardone Featured in Website Magazine

EMV Credit Cards: What Merchants & Consumers Need to Know

Gary Cardone, the CEO of eConsumer Services®, was featured in an article discussing the U.S.’s adoption of the chip-and-PIN technology scheduled to take place this October. Merchants and consumers must understand EMV and the impacts it may have.

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eConsumer Services® Co-Founder, Monica Eaton, Featured on Money Radio

Retail Consumers Gaining the Upper Hand, Established Brands Losing Ground

Monica Eaton-Cardone, the co-founder of eConsumer Services®, was featured on Money Radio, discussing the increasing trend of shopping online. Monica discussed the evolution of consumers’ buying habits moving away from brick-and–mortar stores to online outlets.

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Dangers of Data Breaches

What to Do If You Are a Victim of a Data Breach

Data breaches are the internet’s equivalent to natural disasters: everyone is at risk but no one suspects it will happen to them.

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Lost or Stolen Wallet: Protecting Your Identity

12 Ways to Ensure Your Safety after a Lost or Stolen Wallet

Losing your wallet or purse is certainly an inconvenience, but it can also create a very dangerous situation. Your finances, identity, and even your personal safety could be at risk.

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3D Secure: How to Make Online Shopping Even Safer

How MasterCard SecureCode and Verified by Visa Help Prevent Fraud

Consumers rely heavily on ecommerce despite the increased risk of criminal fraud and cybercrime. In an attempt to bridge the gap and make our favorite shopping experience safer, many consumers implement the best online security technologies available. If you haven’t already considered 3D Secure, now’s the time to start using this advanced protection.

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International Travelers: Decline Dynamic Currency Conversion


Everything You Need to Know about Dynamic Currency Conversion

International travel is expensive. Most of us try to cut corners any way we can. That’s why you absolutely must decline dynamic currency conversion services any time they’re offered for your credit card purchases.

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EMV Credit Cards: 12 FAQs You Need Answered


Everything You Need to Know about EMV Cards

Big changes are happening in the world of credit cards. Are you ready? Do you have an EMV credit card and know how it will affect your shopping habits?

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Your Credit Card Information isn’t as Safe as You Thought

Will Your Credit Card Information Be Compromised?

Massive data breaches that compromise sensitive cardholder information happen more often than we’d like to admit. Since these major hacks are so common, we assume those in possession of our credit card information guard it carefully.

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6 Reasons the Bank Might Cancel Your Credit Card

Will Your Credit Card Account be Closed?

Many consumers have become dependent on credit cards; we can’t usually function without them. However, it is important to remember credit card ownership is a privilege, not a right. And a bank can cancel your credit card account at any time.

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