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Top 10 Scams to Watch for This Holiday Season

During the festive season, the flurry of online gift shopping, securing holiday travel plans, searching for temporary, seasonal jobs, or attempting to give back through charitable donations creates a perfect storm for scammers. These activities are prime opportunities for them to execute targeted scams.

How to Have a Spooky — Yet Secure — Halloween

As the days grow shorter and we enter the spooky season, there’s another kind of scare lurking in the shadows: cybersecurity threats. Just as we adorn our homes with cobwebs, skeletons, and jack-o-lanterns, fortifying our digital spaces against menacing cyber goblins out for mischief is essential.

What is the FedNow Service?

Introducing FedNow, a groundbreaking payment service recently launched in the finance industry. Brought into existence by the US Federal Reserve, this service is designed to streamline transactions at any given time. In contrast to customer-centric payment services such as Venmo or Zelle, the implementation and success of FedNow are primarily dependent on its acceptance by […]

What is Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL)?

In today’s fast-paced world, convenience and flexibility are highly valued, even when it comes to making purchases. One such payment option that has gained popularity among consumers is the “buy now pay later,” or “BNPL” approach.

Social Engineering: How to Protect Yourself

Social engineering scams don’t discriminate. They can target anyone. These scams view your personal data as a treasure trove, providing access to linked accounts and data caches stored on corporate servers. Such attacks result in millions of dollars in losses annually. So, how can you safeguard yourself and your business from social engineering attacks?

Are Refund Services Legit?

One of the newest eCommerce threats are ”refund service” scams, in which fraudsters solicit otherwise legitimate consumers as accomplices. But, what exactly are refund services? How do they work, and are all of them bad news?