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Identifying Counterfeit Websites

Beware of Counterfeit Websites When Shopping Online

In a largely unregulated cyber-world, it is unsurprising to note that there are a number of counterfeits websites out there. Previously people had to venture to New York’s Chinatown or Los Angele’s Santee Alley to locate fake Burberry’s and Coach’s. Some effort to attain these imitations had to be made!

Now, the online world is replete with knock-offs. Buying counterfeit products means you’ll receive lower-quality items and perhaps even ones with toxicity as there isn’t proper supervision of these illegal products.

Don’t be scammed. Learn to recognize counterfeit websites!

Steps to Spotting a Scam Site

While some legitimate manufacturers don’t want to reveal the specific inconsistencies of the counterfeit pieces bearing their labels, others readily provide a scam websites list specific to their brand.

Of course, there are other methods to spot the insincere:

  • See if the website provides a list of authorized dealers, this will help you verify sites that come up in your searches.
  • Do a side by side product comparison between the manufacturer’s site and one that is in question.
  • Look at brand logo, hardware details (specifically zippers) and packaging that doesn’t meet brand standards.
  • Be skeptical about deeply discounted merchandise (though some scammers are trying to seem more credible by charging more for their junk).
  • Look for the term “replica” in the product descriptions located in the FAQ or About Us section on their site.
  • Pay attention to the URL. If it uses a brand name, “discount,” or “outlet,” within its name, chances are it’s cybersquatting.
  • Be very cognizant of spelling errors both in the brand name and on the site in general (a lot of knock-offs are coming from overseas and the English on these sites is suspect).
  • Make sure there isn’t a period missing between the brand name and www.

Protect Yourself

Some brands will allow you to get your money back (via MasterCard) if you get duped into purchasing a false product. However, it is up to you to do your research and report internet fraud whenever you come in contact with a counterfeit site. Learn how to report a phone scam too because thieves are everywhere!

If you have been a victim of internet fraud or have been cheated by a counterfeit website, eConsumer Services® is here for you. We can help you get your money back. Fill out the form to the right to get started right away.