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More than Just a Scam Websites List—Get Your Money Back!

A Scam Website List That Gets Your Money Back

Sadly, there are quite a few scam websites lists out there—places where consumers can voice their concerns over fraudulent activities. The internet has expanded the reach of criminals. Now, it seems no one is safe.

The Popularity of Scam Websites Lists

Often times, consumers who become victims of fraud go online to find a scam websites list. The most common complaints on these sites are things like:

  • Poor customer service
  • Unethical business practices
  • Low quality products or services
  • A scam report

This is certainly a noble gesture. Exposing fraudsters helps keep other consumers safe. But while you are looking out for the interests of your fellow man, you are doing very little to appease your own suffering.

These online forums allow you to vent, gripe, and complain about scam websites and businesses. But they don’t do anything to solve your original problem—loss of funds!

A Better Alternative

Why are so many people drawn to scam websites lists? Because they assume that is the only option available to them.

Fortunately, that is a very big misconception. There is something that can be done—something other than complaining.

You might think we are talking about a chargeback. Some savvy consumers might be aware of a credit card payment protection refund. But even for those in the know, it isn’t an appealing option. The process is time consuming and complicated. Plus, it can take months to get your money back.

If you’ve become a victim of fraud, you can actually get a return from the shady merchant. eConsumer Services® feels passionately about consumer rights. They believe everyone has the right to shop online and be 100% satisfied with the experience. You shouldn’t have to pay for services you didn’t actually receive or products that didn’t live up to your expectations.

eConsumer Services® is a pro-active company. They actually do something about the information you provide them. Sure, scam websites should be exposed so other people don’t become victims. But you shouldn’t have to be a victim either.

But Returns are so Painful!

Another reason a scam websites list is so appealing is because they seem like the lesser of two evils. Users know they won’t recoup their financial losses, but it seems better than dealing with the fraudster again.

eConsumer Services® feels your pain. They know you don’t want to go cross-eyed looking at complex return policies, work hard to track down contact information, wait on hold forever, jump through hoops, and wait months to get your money back.

Sidestep all of that nonsense. Fill out the form to the right. In less than five minutes, you can provide all the necessary information to eConsumer Services®. With that information, they’ll be able to secure a refund on your behalf—usually in just a few days.

A scam websites list is a good way to report online fraud. But it won’t put money in your pocket. If you think you’re entitled to a little financial happiness, contact eConsumer Services® today!