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What is Phishing? How Do I Protect Myself Against It?

8 Simple Tips to Protect Against Phishing Scams Luring consumers into giving up sensitive information—a practice commonly known as phishing—is one of the most common consumer-facing fraud tactics. These attacks cost US consumers roughly $500 million each year. So, what can you do to avoid becoming a victim? Learn to identify the risks and how […]

The New Kid on the Blockchain

New Uses for Blockchain Technology & How it Will Influence Banking Bitcoins are trading above $2,500 as of June 2017. Which helps explain why more and more people are taking note of cryptocurrency and its revolutionary framework: the blockchain. Though bitcoin is the best-known utility, many industries are exploring new uses for blockchain.

Regulating Your Data & Who Gets It

Changes to FCC Policy Impact Who Can Gain Access to Consumer Information Governments may impose regulations for many different reasons, from protecting consumers to defining how companies track communications. However, deciding which governing body wields authority can sometimes lead to redundancies, or cause gaps in oversight. This is what is playing out right now between […]

Wearable Payments: Shaping the Future of Commerce

How New and Emerging Wearable Payments Will Change the Way We Spend For decades, credit and debit cards were the consumer go-to when it came to making payments–but research shows that’s all about to change. The latest data from Juniper Research estimates that mobile payments will rise from $35 billion in 2015 to $95 billion […]

Auto Fraud: The Top Threats to Both Buyers and Sellers

Six of the Worst Threats, Plus Tips for Avoiding Auto Fraud Thanks to the internet, shopping for a new or used car is easier than ever. Unfortunately, the internet also presents new opportunities for scam artists to locate unwitting victims, and the auto market is one of the fields in which that threat is most […]