How to Report Consumer Fraud

What is Consumer Fraud?

Anyone can be the victim of consumer fraud and the resulting financial loss can vary in severity. Since anyone can fall victim to consumer fraud, it is important to understand what consumer fraud is, how to prevent it, and how to report scams.

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Online Fraud Statistics are on the Rise: Initiate Online Fraud Prevention Now!

The Latest Online Fraud Statistics Revealed

Criminals are turning to the internet for their next big score. According to online fraud statistics, they seem to be successful!

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24 Tips for Credit Card Protection

Credit Card Protection Tips Consumers Must Know

In general, credit cards ensure safe and simple monetary transactions.  However, if you don’t proceed with caution, credit cards can be extremely dangerous to your financial stability.  But with a little credit card fraud protection, you can decrease the likelihood of criminal activity.

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How to Report Email Scams

Email Scams Abound

Email is a great tool for communication, and almost everyone is using it. It’s great for keeping up with friends, solidifying business plans and talking with distant relatives. If you’re not careful, however, email can be used against you.

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How to Get Your Money Back From Online Scams

Good News: It IS Possible to Get Your Money Back!

Online scammers are sneaky.  Not only do they do an excellent job of disguising their real intentions, they also do a great job of covering their tracks.  This makes it incredibly difficult to get your money back if you’ve fallen victim to their ploy.

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How Do I File a Scam Report?

File a Scam Report and Help Other Consumers Stay Safe

Sadly, scams have become a part of life.  But that doesn’t mean you need to remain a helpless victim!

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Learn to File a Complaint Against an Online Business

File a Complaint Against an Online Business and Keep Other Consumers Safe

Everyone is entitled to a satisfactory shopping experience.  If you feel you received less than exemplary customer service from an online merchant, it might be time to file a complaint against an online business!

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How Do I Report an Internet Scam?

Want to Report an Internet Scam? Here’s How.

Did you fall victim to an online scam?  Are you afraid your money might be gone for good? Don’t worry.  eConsumer Services® can help.

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Tips to Ensure a Credit Card Refund

Here’s How to Get a Credit Card Refund

Credit cards have become the payment plan of choice for most transactions.  While a credit card transaction can be processed quickly, efficiently, and painlessly, a credit card refund is usually the complete opposite – slow, inefficient, and a total nightmare.

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Are You a Victim? Report Scam Phone Calls

Be On The Lookout for Scam Phone Calls

Scam phone calls, or telemarketing fraud, are running rampant these days.  Unfortunately, it is often difficult to tell you are experiencing a scam phone call until your credit card bill comes in the mail.

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