Wearable Payments: Shaping the Future of Commerce

How New and Emerging Wearable Payments Will Change the Way We Spend

For decades, credit and debit cards were the consumer go-to when it came to making payments–but research shows that’s all about to change.

The latest data from Juniper Research estimates that mobile payments will rise from $35 billion in 2015 to $95 billion in 2018. Mastercard expects all European stores to accept contactless payments by 2020.

What initiated this dramatic shift in payment styles? Read more

The Top 8 Challenges of Shopping with International Online Retailers

From Counterfeits to Blacklists, these are the Greatest Barriers to Online Shopping

Online retail is a global phenomenon.

Annual online retail spending is expected to reach nearly $2 trillion by the end of 2017, with double-digit growth for the online market projected at least through 2020. It’s easy to see why this would be the case; online shopping offers many advantages, including convenience, more competitive prices, and access to products that are not available in local markets. Read more

Auto Fraud: The Top Threats to Both Buyers and Sellers

Six of the Worst Threats, Plus Tips for Avoiding Auto Fraud

Thanks to the internet, shopping for a new or used car is easier than ever. Unfortunately, the internet also presents new opportunities for scam artists to locate unwitting victims, and the auto market is one of the fields in which that threat is most pronounced.

According to the Consumer Federation of America, complaints about auto-related scams were the most frequent of all cases received by consumer protection agencies in 2015. There are countless different scams intended to target both buyers and sellers, with new techniques popping up constantly. A few long-running scams and practices, however, consistently top the list of threats for which consumers need to watch out. Read more

How to Return Holiday Purchases and Get a Refund

A Comprehensive Guide to the Online Return Process

After weeks of preparation, decorating, and shopping, the holidays have finally come and gone. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that everything is squared away—as evidence shows, there’s a one-in-four chance you plan to return a gift at some point in the next few weeks. Read more

eConsumer Services® Co-Founder Featured in The Washington Post

Eaton-Cardone Asked to Advise Travelers on Credit Card Disputes

The Washington Post contributor Christopher Elliott recently consulted with eConsumer Services® co-founder, Monica Eaton-Cardone, regarding credit card disputes in the travel industry. Elliott included the insights she offered in a recent article on the subject—specifically, when not to request a dispute through the bank and what consequences may result from excessive requests.

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eConsumer Services®’ Parent Company a Finalist for Card & Payment Awards

Global Risk Technologies™ is Shortlisted in Two Categories for UK-Based Payments Industry Award

On December 1, the organizers of the 12th-annual Card & Payments Awards published the shortlist for their 2017 ceremony. eConsumer Services® is pleased to announce that the judges selected our parent company, Global Risk Technologies™™, as a finalist in two award categories.

Global Risk Technologies™ was recognized the “Best Security or Anti-Fraud Development” and “Best Industry Innovation of the Year” categories.

These honors recognize our brands’ commitment to facilitating better relations between merchants, banks, and consumers, as well as our innovative, unparalleled solutions for the eCommerce industry. Read more

Can Biometrics Actually Replace PINs and Passwords?

Will Consumers Soon Use a Fingerprint—Rather than a PIN—to Complete Transactions?

You might not be aware of this, but entering PINs and passwords is not actually the most secure method of identity verification. That’s why many banks and fintech companies are exploring alternate security technology, most notably, biometrics. Read more

Improve Financial Literacy on Get Smart About Credit Day

Why Smart Credit Use Matters, and a Few Easy Tips to Start You Down the Right Path

Since 2003, the American Bankers’ Association has recognized the third Thursday in October as Get Smart About Credit Day.

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Rental Car Fraud & Other Conveniences Can Be a Rip Off

Rental Car Fraud, Scams & Add-Ons Can Turn a Dream Vacation into a Nightmare

Today’s savvy consumer is leery of scams and situations which may result in fraud, and for good reason. According to experts, scam artists and fraudsters victimize millions of consumers each year, and if you’re not careful, you could easily be next!

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What if a Business I Bought from Goes Bankrupt?

How to Get a Refund from a Bankrupt Business

Have you made a purchase recently from an online business, only to find that the business suddenly went bankrupt?

Now it looks like you’re out the money, and you’re not going to get the product or service you paid for. It’s a frightening prospect, but it happens more often than you might expect. Fortunately, all hope is not lost—consumers do have certain protections in-place which can help them recover their funds from a bankrupted business. Read more