Why is the US Such a Credit Card Fraud Hotspot

Why is the U.S. Such a Credit Card Fraud Hotspot?

The U.S. Leads the World in Credit Card Fraud. Why?

There’s a wide variety of different payment fraud tactics out there. Account takeover, friendly fraud, account spoofing…the list goes on.

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Whos Responsible for Credit Card Fraud

Who’s Responsible for Credit Card Fraud?

When a Cardholder Suspects Fraud, Who Picks Up the Tab?

If you possess a credit card, chances are you’re aware of the risk of credit card fraud. If you’re not…you should be.

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Filing Post-Holiday Chargebacks

Filing Post-Holiday Chargebacks?

A Chargeback is Not Always the Best Option.

After the holiday shopping season wraps up…the New Year’s credit card bill rolls in. For many consumers, the weeks following the holidays can a little tight. Some may opt to return certain items in order to save money.

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Consumers Getting Smarter About Fraud

Consumers Getting Smarter About Fraud…but Not Fast Enough

Consumers are Learning, but so are Fraudsters

Good news: consumers, as a whole, are getting better about fraud awareness. At least, that’s what a new report from risk management company Featurespace shows.

The company’s U.S. Consumer Fraud Sentiment Survey shows consumers’ understanding of fraud and how to protect themselves from it is growing. However, it’s not all rosy. There are still plenty of areas in which consumers need to do better in the fight against criminal activity in the digital space.

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Is the Future Going to be Cashless

Is the Future Going to be Cashless?

When and Where Will We See the First Fully-Cashless Economy?

The post-cash economy has been a popular sci-fi fixture for decades. People swiping cards or mobile devices to pay for everything they consume daily seemed like a far-off future. However, the cashless economy is no longer the stuff of science fiction…it may be just around the corner.

Let’s examine the pros and cons of a totally-digital economy, and what is already being done to make it a reality.

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Should You Sign Up for 3-D Secure?

Should You Sign Up for 3-D Secure?

What the Basics of 3-D Secure to Protect Against Online Fraud

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a reliable, widely-used tool that could help stop online fraud and protect your identity online? Well, 3-D Secure technology might be just what you’re looking for.

This secure checkout technology was first introduced more than a decade ago by Visa under the branded Verified by Visa name. Since then, Mastercard has also rolled out their own Mastercard Securecode® tool using the same platform, and other card brands including American Express and Union Pay have done the same.

Although 3-D Secure technology has been around for years, it remains largely unknown to consumers. Let’s take a look at the tool, and see how it can help protect you.

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Will MOTION CODE Make Fraud a Thing of the Past?

Digital-Enabled Credit Cards Aim to Wipe Out Online Fraud

You’re probably familiar with a lot of the usual information you need to submit to make a purchase online. Billing address, card number, expiration date…and oftentimes, an extra number printed on the card.

This number is called the card security code, or CSC It is a three-digit sequence printed on the back of all Visa, Mastercard, and Discover cards; for American Express, the code is a four-digit number printed on the card front.

The CSC fills the same role for all card brands: help stop fraud. However, a new twist on that approach promises to take the CSC concept to the next level.

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GDPR Basics

GDPR Basics: What Does the New Policy Mean for Your Data?

GDPR Offer New Consumer Rights…And New Responsibilities

Data security: it’s a common source of anxiety for people these days. However, a new European Union policy called the General Data Protection Regulation—or GDPR—aims to make data less of a concern for you. Read more

Fraud Recap

Fraud Recap 2017

Examine the Numbers & Learn to Protect Yourself from Fraud

It seems like every year is a bad one for online fraud; for example, the Target breach back in 2013 fundamentally changed how the world responded to data breaches. But 2017 was truly a year of headlines for fraud. Read more

Business gone bust

Business Gone Bust? Here’s How to Recover Your Money

How to Get Your Money Back if a Business Goes Under…and Take Your Cash With Them

Monarch, Rayani, Low Cost Holidays…these three big names vanished from the travel industry since late 2016. Thousands of travelers have been left stranded in each case, while thousands more find their pre-booked travel plans stuck in limbo. Read more